Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This is the end..the end of the story..

Well, I must say it's been interesting. I have had a chance to learn a little bit more about what's available on the web. I think my favorite excercise was the one that prescribed that we investigate some of the sites that won the web 2.0 awards. Also, I think the information about RSS feeds was pretty informative. The google application that allows you to wordprocess on the net is something I might use perhaps.

In terms of my outlook and goals I guess I want to be unemployed so I can keep up with all that's going on on the internet.

The perspectives on web 2.0 actually made me think a little about my job, which was suprising. I thought about how my job my end up being obsolete in the not too distant future! Not those librarians though..we'll end up..trading them over the internet... a nice perspective that person wrote, but that part was just too funny...

The format..I might try to emphasize goals to complete, rather than simply just writing about the experience. Make it straightforward, find a way a participant can display what they did. I think it would be better if people were encouraged to do more with the applications they are being introduced to.

Would I do this again? Yes, because I'm screwing around while I'm at work.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Moldi cheese downloads

It's interesting that they have started this project, I suppose this is the way of the future, or something. I'm curious as what the limitations are on obtaining materials to turn into downloadable content. The music, for example, seems to be all stuff that would be public domain, like classical music and stuff. Yet despite this, there is still limited collections, as well as lending periods for the downloadable content. So that makes me curious as to what exactly the rules are for in digitizing material for library users' convenience, because obviously the site doesn't have the most popular material (seems like a lot of the rejects actually...that was mean, i'm sorry).

Anyhow, I think I would use this website to brush up on my knowledge of Classical music, they seem to have a lot of it. I think I might download some Chopin.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Invasion of the Podcasts

Doing this excercise at work was pretty limiting, either the correct software wasn't installed to listen to the podcasts, or the library filter blocked content. Yeah, I know I could get the filter turned off. Anyways, I searched for stuff, and i suppose there was material I woud be interested in; its hard to tell because none of the search tools provided were very well thought out. There wasn't decent descriptions of the podcasts, and the results were difficult to wade through...like a river that had tons of jello powder thrown in it. I found a podcast called'Metal Gear Awesome', I didn't get to listen to it however. If its humour based on the Metal Gear Series, count me in. That's the one I added to my bloglines account. There were also library podcasts, but once again the results were not presented in a manner that encouraged me to look through them.

Podcasts for the library...what could we do with them..hmmm. Weekly updates about stuff going on at the library is one idea. Another would be to record the programs we have at the library and make them available as podcasts. That way people could suscribe to a branches podcasts, and never miss a program hosted at that library. I'm a genius. hoozah.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

why don't YOU tube?

Youtube is addictive. I can waste much time browsing the site. One of the things I like to browse the most on youtube is musical performances. In particular, I have found a lot of cool performances by guitarists doing covers, or arranging various pieces of music. Video game music arranged on guitar is usually pretty impressive, especially stuff from the Final Fantasy series. A lot of people will perform some of the more obvious choices, but one performance I was really impressed by was this older gentlemen who arrange Final Fantasy X's "Silence before the Storm" for guitar. That piece was always one of my favorites from final fantasy X, and i learned how to play some of it from watching this guy play. I give this guy big props for tackling this piece, and arranging it. Here is the video:

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Power tools page

Okay, I messed with a variety of things on this page.

One thing I looked at was the makezine page, it has instructions for all these do-it-yourself projects. The coolest thing I found was the tank someone built with working pneumatic cannon that can fire hot-dogs, or other things. Awesome.

I read about G-Mail on the tooling around page. Eh, nothing to exciting, e-mail is e-mail, but good to know.

Boing-Boing is another sweet page. They had a link to a funny comic about music piracy. It talks about how if you pirate a song, you get to keep it, and it will always work. However if you buy it on i-tunes, you might not be able to recover it if you get a new computer, or have to re-format your harddrive because of drcm-locked files. This is true, and very lame. If you buy something, you should be able to re-download it in instances of catastrophes. My nephew bought several seasons of scrubs on i-tunes, but because he had to re-format his harddrive, or something like that, he lost everything he bought because there's no way re-download things you already purchased. I had to get a replacement ps3 from sony, and i could only back up certain things on my harddrive, that doesn't include game installs that I downloaded from the Playstation Network, but at least with the Playstation Network, I was able to redownload the games I had already purchased.

Another cool thing on boing-boing was a small post about researchers trying to develop thought-based communication. Apparently they are going to map language on the brain and make it possible to send electronic messages like text messages, or e-mails, for example, with the simple power of thought. Whoa. Synthetic Telepathy they call it. They said it may take 15-20 years. I must live to see the existence of that technology.

So yeah, I found some cool stuff, so thank you.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Hit me up with them recipes, keyys

I cook a lot, and I like trying to cook just with whatever is in the house, so this website, recipekey.com, is ideal for that sort of thing. It was a little confusing to use at first, but I think I got the hang of it. I didnt go to in depth in exploring all the options, but you can make your profile and list ingredients you have in your pantry so when you search for recipes it will tell you what you already have. Also, say you happen to have 64 slices of american cheese ("mmmmmmm, Homer would say, before spending all night eating every slice one at a time) you could search for that as a main ingredient to find recipes that feature that ingredient. The site also offers search options like prep time (filters out those recipes that require overnight rests), cooking method, dietary restrictions and so forth.

You know what's also interesting? A 24 year old male picked out this site from all the other options...Oh sighh.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I played in the Learn and Play sandbox and the other kids ostracized me

Yeah, its easy enough. Its cool to edit stuff. It would be really fun to actually go crazy with it, and try to make the pages look good. Like people even messing with other people's text to make it look uniform and organize the information. Even putting in links on someone's text to another page that has related information. I could see how it could get addictive editing a giant website. Also frustrating if some jerks kept messing with all your work. The pages look messy, noboby messes with other people's text, politeness I guess, but I think that's what you have to do to really take advantage of a wiki. But yeah, I added some favorite movies and tried linking a few to the quote page to add some favorite quotes. A sucessful excercise if I do say myself. Need I say more? Well I hope nottt because that's all there really is to the subject!